Cyrus Imap + Thunderbird 3

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at
Fri Nov 5 09:55:18 EDT 2010

On Fri, 2010-11-05 at 12:21 +0100, Dominique Couot wrote: 
> Sorry to bug everyone, but I am stuck with what is probably a simple 
> newbie error.
> I've been playing with Ubuntu server 10.04. Got it working internally 
> (samba, cups,...), even got the apache and web sites setup correctly.
> My next step was to setup a mail server.
> So I followed a very nicely done howto to get postfix + cyrus working.
> I also installed roundcube for webmail access.
> So far so good. I got incoming mail, outgoing mail, well everything you 
> expect from a mail server. That is... with roundcube.
> When trying to connect though a Thunderbird 3, no luck.
> I know the mail server works... it works with the webmail part - at the 
> office and outside of the office. It also works with TB3 when using the 
> internal IP address of the server on the LAN. But no way to get it 
> working with a domain name.

?? I'm not certain what the question is.  Does the roundcube instance
use the DNS name or the IP address of the IMAP server.

Does "host your-server-name" return the IP of the server?

> So I figure the problem was with the connection to the server and the 
> resolution of the server name etc... (/etc/hosts, hostmane, or whatever 
> over config file and anything in between the server and the domain provider)
> Can somehow help me to solve that part ?

I'd guess it is a DNS issue [although, in my experience, TB3 is a really
buggy app - so who knows].

If you are on LINUX try it with Evolution [a good IMAP client] - does it
work from there?
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