Nested "INBOX" folders - hard to delete

Kenneth Marshall ktm at
Mon Mar 29 10:04:47 EDT 2010

You can use cyradm to delete all the mailboxes that are
listed in the mailbox database. If the directory is not
in the list, once all the lower folders are deleted with
cyradm, you can just "rm xxx" the directory and continue
up the chain until they are all removed. 


On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 04:53:51PM +0300, Jukka Huhta wrote:
> We have several users with folders like this:
> user.username.INBOX.INBOX.INBOX....INBOX.INBOX.INBOX.INBOX.Deleted Messages
> (total of 76 INBOXes or something).
> No doubt the folders are generated by a bug in Apple Mail, but how to
> get rid of them?  Users can't do that by themselves, and no MUA I've
> tried is able to handle the folders either.  I wonder what Cyrus
> thinks of them, probably doesn't like too long names or something.
> Cyradm is just giving an error from Cyrus:
> cyradm> dm user.username.INBOX.*
> I'd really like to fix the problem without shutting any Cyrus
> instances down and manually dumping, editing and undumping the mailbox
> list.
> Any suggestions?
> -Jukka Huhta
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