Nested "INBOX" folders - hard to delete

Brian Awood bawood at
Mon Mar 29 11:32:42 EDT 2010

What version of cyrus are you running?  If it's a version 2.3 with delayed
delete enabled, you are likely running into a bug in cyrus.  We have run
into this issue, where you have a mailbox that is near the max length and
when you try to delete it, cyrus adds the extra DELETED/timestamp to the
mailbox name and finds it's longer than the max allowed, then returns an
error.  I've had a patch for this in bugzilla for a while;
If you don't want to shut cyrus down, you can probably use cyr_dbtool to
delete the mailbox entry, then manually cleanup the filesystem.


On Mon, 29 Mar 2010 16:53:51 +0300 (EEST), Jukka Huhta
<jukka.huhta at> wrote:
> We have several users with folders like this:
> (total of 76 INBOXes or something).
> No doubt the folders are generated by a bug in Apple Mail, but how to
> get rid of them?  Users can't do that by themselves, and no MUA I've
> tried is able to handle the folders either.  I wonder what Cyrus
> thinks of them, probably doesn't like too long names or something.
> Cyradm is just giving an error from Cyrus:
> cyradm> dm user.username.INBOX.*
> Deleting mailbox
> Messages...Invalid mailbox name
> I'd really like to fix the problem without shutting any Cyrus
> instances down and manually dumping, editing and undumping the mailbox
> list.
> Any suggestions?
> -Jukka Huhta
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