trouble with sieve and cyrus murder

Carlos Ricardo Bernal Veiga crbveiga at
Tue Feb 2 22:41:26 EST 2010

Ohhh Thank you Dan, this parameter worked really good in our Webmail, and so
sorry for my english, We are studying the cyrus murder to deploy in our
company, do you know about some success case with murder?? We have about
seventy thousand accounts and we want know more about this project...

Thanks for your help


2010/2/2 Dan White <dwhite at>

> On 02/02/10 18:30 -0300, Carlos Ricardo Bernal Veiga wrote:
>> I am prospecting the Cyrus Murder with 1 frontend, 1 mupdate and 3
>> backends,
>> the environment is almost all in full operation, I already create, alter,
>> delete, and modify the mailboxes by the frontend, I have tested it with
>> Evolution (worked OK), ThunderBird (worked OK too ) and a Webmail called
>> Expresso, it's ok too, but I'm having a trouble with the Sieve (sieve is a
>> scripting language that Webmail Expresso uses to create filters with the
>> mailboxes in cyrus), Expresso webmail has an option to direct requests
>> from
>> the sieve to a cyrus server where the mailboxes are stored, my test was to
>> create an account on the backend, eg "carlos.veiga",  to point the Sieve
>> requests of Webmail Expresso to the Frontend of cyrus murder, the frontend
>> failed to pass the request to the respective backend where the mailbox
>> "carlos.veiga" is stored, when I point the sieve requests directly to the
>> backend where my mailbox is stored, the filters are created with no
>> problem,
>> i will post the logs.
>  Note that timsieved does not need a proxy daemon, the managesieve protocol
>> deals with the murder with referrals to the backends internally.
> Not all managesieve clients support referrals. Do you know if Webmail
> Expresso does?
> If not, try:
> sieve_allowreferrals: 0
> --
> Dan White
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