trouble with sieve and cyrus murder

Dan White dwhite at
Tue Feb 2 18:33:35 EST 2010

On 02/02/10 18:30 -0300, Carlos Ricardo Bernal Veiga wrote:
>I am prospecting the Cyrus Murder with 1 frontend, 1 mupdate and 3 backends,
>the environment is almost all in full operation, I already create, alter,
>delete, and modify the mailboxes by the frontend, I have tested it with
>Evolution (worked OK), ThunderBird (worked OK too ) and a Webmail called
>Expresso, it's ok too, but I'm having a trouble with the Sieve (sieve is a
>scripting language that Webmail Expresso uses to create filters with the
>mailboxes in cyrus), Expresso webmail has an option to direct requests from
>the sieve to a cyrus server where the mailboxes are stored, my test was to
>create an account on the backend, eg "carlos.veiga",  to point the Sieve
>requests of Webmail Expresso to the Frontend of cyrus murder, the frontend
>failed to pass the request to the respective backend where the mailbox
>"carlos.veiga" is stored, when I point the sieve requests directly to the
>backend where my mailbox is stored, the filters are created with no problem,
>i will post the logs.

>Note that timsieved does not need a proxy daemon, the managesieve protocol
>deals with the murder with referrals to the backends internally.

Not all managesieve clients support referrals. Do you know if Webmail
Expresso does?

If not, try:

sieve_allowreferrals: 0

Dan White

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