strange quota behaviour

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Tue Sep 1 05:41:15 EDT 2009


Sometimes, I have some bad quotas. Here is a trace:

[cyrus at imap-perso ~]$ cyradm -user cyrus localhost
localhost.localdomain> lq user/xx
 STORAGE 197/1000000 (0.0197%)

[root at imap-perso ~]# du -hs /var/spool/imap2/m/user/xx
890M    /var/spool/imap2/m/user/xx

reconstruct -rf user/xx

[cyrus at imap-perso ~]$ quota -f user/xx
user.xx: usage was 201755, now 820057155
   Quota   % Used     Used Root
 1000000       80   800837 user/xx

(note that: its better but 800M and 890 makes a difference. That user has
lots of folders and subfloders)
my version:

It happens quite a lot. Too much for me.
I used some years ago to force a quota -f on each users. It worked on a
2.2.12 version, but when we migrate to a 2.3.x version, suddenly, the quotas
were broken with over 1000%.

We went back to 2.2.12 and got rid of quota -f (too dangerous)

But now, that problem is coming back again and I still don't understand why.
Fixing a quota should be easy to do.
quota -f is very fast. Too fast I think..
Can I generalize a reconstruct -rf followed by a quota -f without fears?

Do you experience such problems?



Dominique LALOT
Ingénieur Systèmes et Réseaux
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