Self-healing mailbox?

Ciprian Marius Vizitiu (GBIF) cvizitiu at
Sun May 31 03:27:41 EDT 2009

Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:
> Today I noticed the following in our Logwatch script's output for 
> Cyrus (2.3.14):
> May 30 04:51:06 lvr13 cyr_expire[562]: failure expiring user.aqg04: 
> System I/O error
> May 31 04:46:40 lvr13 cyr_expire[28829]: Expunged 7 messages from 
> user.aqg04
> What gives? Can I assume that the error from yesterday somehow healed 
> itself? Or should I run reconstruct anyway?

I for one 'd worry more about that "System I/O error ". It can be that 
there was a storage error which didn't happen during a second attempt.

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