Self-healing mailbox?

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Sun May 31 04:53:14 EDT 2009

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>> What gives? Can I assume that the error from yesterday somehow healed
>> itself? Or should I run reconstruct anyway?
> I for one 'd worry more about that "System I/O error ". It can be that
> there was a storage error which didn't happen during a second attempt.

I doubt it, because the same error occurred one day earlier:

May 29 04:53:38 lvr13 cyr_expire[2602]: IOERROR: reading cache record for 
user.aqg04: initial bogus offset 11090136 of 32488 for 5/7; mailbox needs a 
May 29 04:53:38 lvr13 cyr_expire[2602]: failure expiring user.aqg04: System 
I/O error

I interpret the "System I/O error" to be the IOERROR from the line before, 
i.e. not actually an I/O error but rather a corrupt file. The error does 
not show on any of the previous days, nor does it show today.
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