Self-healing mailbox?

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at
Sun May 31 02:21:07 EDT 2009

Today I noticed the following in our Logwatch script's output for Cyrus 

May 30 04:51:06 lvr13 cyr_expire[562]: IOERROR: reading cache record for 
user.aqg04: initial bogus offset 11091472 of 75256 for 6/10; mailbox needs 
a reconstruct
May 30 04:51:06 lvr13 cyr_expire[562]: failure expiring user.aqg04: System 
I/O error

That's the first time I've seen one of these new messages, but I'd read 
about them and wasn't surprised. I didn't reconstruct the mailbox 
immediately, though. And when I looked at today's log, I found:

May 31 04:46:40 lvr13 cyr_expire[28829]: Expunged 7 messages from user.aqg04

What gives? Can I assume that the error from yesterday somehow healed 
itself? Or should I run reconstruct anyway?
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