Cyrus + Sieve

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Tue May 26 08:52:15 EDT 2009

Do you mean the From: header line?

I have multiple "Received:" headers since the message had to transverse multiple servers to get to the Cyrus server.

What is the "Return-Path: <dgottsc at servername>" signify? I'm wondering if that is the problem.

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On Fri, 2009-05-22 at 08:51 -0400, Gottschalk, David wrote:
> Well, this is interesting.
> I tested one of my reject rules (to make sure I'm not crazy), and it
> replied the rejected message to my inbox, not to the sender.

What do the "Received:" headers of the message look like (how did it end
up in your mailbox)?

I wonder if this isn't some bizarre MTA (Mail Transfer Agent
[sendmail/postfix]) misconfiguration.  Have you verified that your IMAP
server can correctly send mail?  SIEVE sends mail using the executable
specified via the "sendmail" directive of the imapd.conf file.

> Is that normal behavior?

No, but I've never had any sieve/vacation issues on any of the various
Cyrus systems I've installed over the last decade.

> > I configured that option, and still no go.
> > How would it reply to reject messages without that option, but not
> > vacation?
> Sure, I missed the detail that reject works for you.
> Well, then I'm also out of ideas.
> If you want to make sure it has nothing to do with duplicate db, then you
> could stop cyrus, "mv deliver.db deliver.db.old" and start cyrus. Then try
> it again.
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