Cyrus IMAP Murder and (SUN)Solaris Cluster

Jean-Christophe Delaye Jean-Christophe.Delaye at
Thu Mar 26 13:25:30 EDT 2009

Gavin Gray wrote:

> We want to try and improve the resilience of our setup and are looking  
> at a number of
> options to provide High Availability:
> 2. Use Sun cluster to provide automatic failover for the backends  
> somehow or another.
We do use Sun cluster at EURECOM.
We are running Sun Cluster 3.2 on 2 nodes Solaris10 connected on San 
network with EMC Clariion Storage.

Our Sun Cluster ressources groups are based on :
-  logical hosts (with IPMP)
-  HA storage zfs with zpool on EMC Lun.
-  GDS application hold the cyrus sasl and imap services.

We are using separate ressources groups for backends, murder and 
frontend (a total of five at this time).
We recently upgrade the configuration and introduce Solaris containers 
on each cluster node. The benefit is the possibility to run backends in 
non global zone within different subnet (for example in DMZ using IP 
Exclusive zone). Of course, this specific type of ressources groups can 
switch in non global zones on each cluster node, providing high 

It works fine for us.


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