Update installation to new features: metadata partition, delayed delete

Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Fri Mar 13 12:53:25 EDT 2009

Leena Heino wrote:
> Meta data partition:
> If I want to update our cyrus installation to use metadata partition, 
> then how is this done.
> Do I manually create the similar directory structure to the new metadata 
> partition as I have now in the conventional mixed data partition?
> Do I manually copy over the cyrus.* metadata files from the conventional 
> mixed data partition to metadata partition?
> After those are done, then just change the configuration 
> settings in the imapd.conf to use the new the meta data partition?
> Delayed delete:
> If I want to use this feature do I have to do more than just change the 
> delete_mode configuration setting to delayed and adjust cyr_expire event 
> in the cyrus.conf accordingly?


With regards to the metadata partition, there is documentation located 
in the doc/install-upgrade.html file located in the source tarball release.

- Dan

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