Update installation to new features: metadata partition, delayed delete

Leena Heino Leena.Heino at uta.fi
Fri Mar 13 14:15:37 EDT 2009

On Fri, 13 Mar 2009, Dan White wrote:

> With regards to the metadata partition, there is documentation located in the 
> doc/install-upgrade.html file located in the source tarball release.

Thanks Dan. You are absolutely right and the metadata upgrade process was 
mentioned in the doc/install-upgrade.html file. Silly me, for not 
noticing it. I thought I had read the document, but obviously I had missed 
that part. One reason could be that it was mentioned in the "Upgrading 
from 2.2.x or earlier" section, and I had just read the sections about the 
changes in the 2.3.x series.

Though, I still could not find any information about delayed delete.

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