ctl_cyrusdb questions, looking for answers

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Thu Mar 12 20:25:22 EDT 2009

> does anybody know, how ctl_cyrusdb works (how it should be used)? 

I've never felt very compelled to mess with the default:

checkpoint    cmd="ctl_cyrusdb -c" period=30

> I've 
> seen ctl_cyrusdb's man pages, but there is just few notes and nothing more.
> I assume ctl_cyrusdb is used (in /etc/cyrus.conf) to generate 
> "checkpoints" of the Cyrus databases, presumably those in /var/lib/imap.


> The information that man does not provide is
> 1) Listing of database files "checkpointed"

I've always assumed all-of-them

> 2) Description of checkpoint format
>   a) "ls /var/lib/imap" suggest two sets of checkpoint database are 
> retained.

? Not following you here.  It checkpoints the databases,  not certain
what "two sets" of what your seeing.

>   b) Description of checkpoint configuration options, if any, to control 
> checkpoint sets
> 3) Checkpointed image backup requirements

I've always been very impressed at Cyrus' durability.  I think you could
restore a Cyrus database from a bit of rusty barbed wire.

> 4) Appropriate cross-references to utilities used to determine database 
> corrution requiring recovery procedure
> 5) Appropriate recovery procedure when invocation with "-r" vs. "-r -x' 
> is required.

Cyrus runs a -r when it starts to verify the database;  if that fails it
abends with log messages.  Most manual recovery/rebuilding is done using
the reconstruct command.
> It'll be really appreciated if someone could explain at least some of 
> these questions. Thanks
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