ctl_cyrusdb questions, looking for answers

Michal Hlavinka mhlavink at redhat.com
Tue Mar 17 09:31:09 EDT 2009

Thanks for the answers!

> ...
> > The information that man does not provide is
> > 1) Listing of database files "checkpointed"
> I've always assumed all-of-them

excerpt from the source:

	/* if we need to archive this db, add it to the list */
	if (dblist[i].archive) {
	...dblist[i] is added to archive_files list...

	2 = (*(dblist[i].env))->sync();	
	....for some dbs (afaik for those who has .archive=1) this is empty function

	r2 = (*(dblist[i].env))->archive((const char**) archive_files,
	... but dbs with .archive=0 are not in archive_files list
this dbs have .archive=1 : mboxlist_db, quota_db, annotation_db
other have .archive=0

> > 2) Description of checkpoint format
> >   a) "ls /var/lib/imap" suggest two sets of checkpoint database are
> > retained.
> ? Not following you here.  It checkpoints the databases,  not certain
> what "two sets" of what your seeing.

it's related to prev. question. The archive function (used only for some dbs) 
copies them to db.backupX directory. Other dbs are maybe somehow checkpointed 
by the sync call (that is non-empty function for them). So it seems not all 
dbs are checkpointed or maybe not all of them are in db.backupX ?

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