murder and autocreate (I know it is not supported)

nodens2099 nodens2099 at
Fri Jun 19 13:27:52 EDT 2009

Aristotelis a écrit :
> While having a look in the issue a function was created that was running 
> on proxyd (no unified systems) that was going through the list of the 
> available backend servers (the list was given as a configuration option) 
> and picking one randomly. Then it was making a connection back to the 
> backend server, and there the autocreate patch was kicking in and 
> creating the folder. This solution had some shortcomings, so it wasn't 
> released. (and since we don't use a murder environment it couldn't be 
> properly tested).

How about supporting using adding a hostname in the "defaultpartition:"
configuration value on the murder server ?
Something like "hostname:default", the same as the renamemailbox command
would make sense. Ok, it wouldn't give a way to say "such domain on this
backend, such domaine on the other one" but it would be a start (just
change this value when the backend is full), and better than random picking.

Clément Hermann

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