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Mon Jun 8 17:29:26 EDT 2009

Hello everybody,

I configured cyrus imapd on a Opensuse 11 machine following the recommedation in a README file. Now I discovered the following - for me odd behavior - which might depend on a "misconfiguration".

sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd


If a user logs into cyrus (I used mtest from uw-imap because of it's debug messages) it takes 4 trials (3 with CRAM-MD5 and a final with plain password) before the login succeeds.

By chance I've found a tutorial which recommends adding a user to sasldb2. I tried that and without any additional changes to the configuration the first login attempt succeeds.

I wonder if someone could tell me
1. Why did it take 4 attempts using the system credentials
2. Why did it succeed with one attempts after a user with the same username and different password was added to sasldb2
3. Why did the sasldb2 approach succedd at all without any configuration changes.

Your help is appreciated.

Best Regards,

Oliver Block

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