murder and autocreate (I know it is not supported)

Aristotelis arisg at
Fri Jun 19 07:29:06 EDT 2009

  Hello all,

It is an interesting discussion about the autocreate feature in cyrus 
imapd. I would like to point you to a rather old discussion (but still 
very relevant) that was on cyrus-devel:

It outlines some design choises and some evaluation of these. I still 
believe that the best way to tackle the issue would be the mupdate 
server that can have an overview of the whole process, but in order for 
this to happen a change in the MUPDATE protocol must be made, to add the 
extra functionality.

  So perhaps people whould have a look also on this thread.

While having a look in the issue a function was created that was running 
on proxyd (no unified systems) that was going through the list of the 
available backend servers (the list was given as a configuration option) 
and picking one randomly. Then it was making a connection back to the 
backend server, and there the autocreate patch was kicking in and 
creating the folder. This solution had some shortcomings, so it wasn't 
released. (and since we don't use a murder environment it couldn't be 
properly tested).

   Best regards,

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