murder and autocreate (I know it is not supported)

Duncan Gibb duncan.gibb at
Thu Jun 18 17:22:38 EDT 2009

Andrew Morgan wrote:

AM> In the case of new mailbox creation, something must decide
AM> which backend/partition to use.

AM> I'm trying to think of a way the frontend could determine
AM> which backends/partitions exist, but I don't think it can
AM> currently.

AM> Let's assume it could though...  How would it pick which
AM> backend/partition to create the mailbox on?  At random?

That is indeed the question that needs to be answered, and I think
you're right that it's too complex and too deployment-specific a problem
to be solved inside of Cyrus.

The patch I posted earlier in this thread:

is a rough-and-ready means for the frontend to farm the decision out to
something that _is_ competent to decide.  In my world, that's pretty
much always a perl script which interrogates OpenLDAP, but other
people's scenarios may differ ;-)



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