murder and autocreate (I know it is not supported)

Duncan Gibb duncan.gibb at
Thu Jun 11 18:57:18 EDT 2009

Greg A. Woods wrote:

DMcM> What Ken is working on isn't specific to autocreate.  Rather,
DMcM> he's working to integrate IDM into our environment.  We need
DMcM> a way for our identity management system to be able to simply
DMcM> connect to a Cyrus frontend and issue a create command and
DMcM> have something useful happen.

GAW> I've never understood this idea of why anything that has
GAW> anything to do with user management should _ever_ have
GAW> anything to do with mailbox creation.

I would tend to agree, actually.  An identity management system's job is
to create the context within which mail may potentially be delivered or
a user may potentially authenticate.  IMHO mailbox creation should be
the consequence of /that/ action, not something the management system
does or does to the store.

GAW> Mailboxes (i.e. the default first INBOX for every user) should
GAW> always be created _automatically_ as needed for every valid user.

Which is what makes UoA autocreate so handy...

GAW> The easiest way to do this is to trust the mail delivery system
GAW> to have already verified the existence of every authorized mail
GAW> user.

Yep, but the MTA (deliberately) doesn't know everything that goes on
inside the store.  One of the things the MTA doesn't and shouldn't know
is which physical backend box inside a murder the user (or shared
mailbox) should be created on - hence the hack.



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