murder and autocreate (I know it is not supported)

Dave McMurtrie dave64 at
Wed Jun 10 07:38:31 EDT 2009

Paolo Cravero wrote:

> In words, the backend not owning the mailbox tries to create it, but receives 
> a deny from the murder server. Then it opens the target mailbox (onBE1/778899) 
> and creates the .seen structure.
> So far this means a messy maillog file. I will use autocreate just to populate 
> my backends from the backend itself (with some imtest iteration, or whatever) 
> and then switch it off.

What Ken is working on isn't specific to autocreate.  Rather, he's 
working to integrate IDM into our environment.  We need a way for our 
identity management system to be able to simply connect to a Cyrus 
frontend and issue a create command and have something useful happen.  I 
believe that Ken's work will involve a default server/partition instead 
of the current partition-default that assumes either a single server 
environment or a backend server is being connected to.  Also, I believe 
he's setting up an annotation to determine which backend server has the 
most free space available.  If I'm wrong on any of this, Ken will 
correct me.

> Looking forward to a MUPDATE protocol update or cyrus official patch.

Buy Ken lots of beer.  It makes him work faster. :)


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Carnegie Mellon University,
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