murder and autocreate (I know it is not supported)

Paolo Cravero pcravero at
Wed Jun 10 03:53:45 EDT 2009

Thank you Duncan for the info about the patch. I would try it, but I'm sure it 
would not be accepted by the tech stuff as it is not official.

As I said in another thread, this is what happens when autocreate is ON in a 
murder setup with several backends, and a user accesses a shared mailbox 
residing on a different server.

This is an excerpt of backend1 maillog:

canonified backend1 -> backend1

mupdate NO response: mailbox already exists

MUPDATE: can't reserve mailbox entry for '!user.onBE2'

autocreateinbox: User onBE2 at, INBOX failed. unable to reserve 
mailbox on mupdate server

seen_db: user onBE2 at opened 

open: user onBE2 at opened user/onBE1/778899

In words, the backend not owning the mailbox tries to create it, but receives 
a deny from the murder server. Then it opens the target mailbox (onBE1/778899) 
and creates the .seen structure.

So far this means a messy maillog file. I will use autocreate just to populate 
my backends from the backend itself (with some imtest iteration, or whatever) 
and then switch it off.

Looking forward to a MUPDATE protocol update or cyrus official patch.


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