murder and autocreate (I know it is not supported)

Paolo Cravero pcravero at
Fri Jun 5 10:40:52 EDT 2009

I'm setting up a test environment with frontend, backend, murder (currently 1, 
1, 1 respectively). All using RPMs on recent RedHat systems.

I have read in the docs that the autocreate patch does not work with murder, 
and I have experienced it too. But...

... if I leave the autocreate ON on backends only, and then simulate an IMAP 
access or mail delivery right at the backend level, I should not get into 
troubles, right?

Just to ease the creation of mailboxes, especially during this deployment 
test. Or perhaps even after if our complex tools won't like the cyradm Perl 
interface. (yes, we will have a look at gosa and korreio)


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