murder and autocreate (I know it is not supported)

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Tue Jun 9 12:55:29 EDT 2009

Paolo Cravero wrote:

PC> I have read in the docs that the autocreate patch does not work
PC> with murder, and I have experienced it too. But...

PC> ... if I leave the autocreate ON on backends only, and then
PC> simulate an IMAP access or mail delivery right at the backend
PC> level, I should not get into troubles, right?

You might be interested in the attached patch, which is something I
cooked up last year for our internal Cyrus builds.  It's a fairly dirty
hack to provide frontends with a way to decide which backend should they
go to for a mailbox that doesn't yet exist.

The basic idea is to catch lookups by proxyd and lmtpproxyd which would
normally return IMAP_MAILBOX_NONEXISTENT and call out to an
administrator-defined helper script (roughly modelled on the way Squid
auth helpers work) which decides whether and where to assume the mailbox
should exist.  Then normal auto* on the backends kicks in...

There are many ways in which this could be improved.  Most obviously
admins shouldn't be required to maintain the helper script across all
the FEs - the decision logic should be at a central location such as the

And it would be good to extend the information passed to the helper (eg
authenticated sender info in the LMTP case), and back (eg a way to set
mailbox ACLs or other config).  The latter would require much better
integration with the UoA patches.  The protocol spoken between the Cyrus
components and the helper app should resemble some sane IMAP-related one...

Ideas and improvements welcome ;-)



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