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Fri Dec 11 09:01:17 EST 2009

On Fri, 2009-12-11 at 18:30 +0530, prasanna wrote:
> Hi,
> I setting up a Mail server for my company.  I have installed Postfix, it is working fine.  I am confused to choose a IMAP server. Some of my requirements are
>     1) Users are created using /etc/passwd, No Mysql or LDAP at present. 

saslauthd can use, and does by default on most distros, PAM for plain &
login authentication mechanisms.  So this is the default.

>     2) User should be given quota for their INBOX, selected users should 
>     have unlimited or variable quota

Quotas are per-folder, so setting a quota on a user's INBOX effectively
sets the quota for the user as all personal folders are subordinate to

>     3) Quota exceeded users mails should be stored somewhere other than 
>     their inbox, on request from the user should be delivered to them by 
>     increasing their quota for time being.

You aren't going to find any server that does that.  Postfix will queue
underliverable mail, so if the user goes under quota [or quota is
raised] the messages get delivered.

>     4) Web based Management of User. 

No idea what that means.

>     5) Backup option of user mailbox  should be available. 

No idea what that means.

>     Do all my requirement can be met by cyrus imap server??  

Yes, to the extend I understand them.

> If yes, can you provide me the links to met the above requirements

No.  See the Cyrus documentation [admittedly scant, but on most
distributions it is pretty much install-and-go] and see the Cyrus
chapter of WMOGAG.

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