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> Hi,
> 	I setting up a Mail server for my company.  I have installed Postfix, it
> is working fine.  I am confused to choose a IMAP server. Some of my
> requirements are
>     1) Users are created using /etc/passwd, No Mysql or LDAP at present.
>     2) User should be given quota for their INBOX, selected users should
>     have unlimited or variable quota
>     3) Quota exceeded users mails should be stored somewhere other than
>     their inbox, on request from the user should be delivered to them by
>     increasing their quota for time being.
>     4) Web based Management of User.
>     5) Backup option of user mailbox  should be available.
>     Do all my requirement can be met by cyrus imap server??
> If yes, can you provide me the links to met the above requirements

Cyrus IMAP can do (1) and (2)

(3) Your MTA (Postfix) should queue messages for delivery, and you should 
be able to deliver them on demand after fixing a quota problem. That's how 
I work, but using Exim as the MTA.

(4) Cyrus doesn't have web based user management. However, you don't really 
need that. Cyrus IMAP will create a mailbox if you try to deliver email to 
a new user. Make sure that Postfix rejects email for unknown users, and 
you'll be fine.  There may be third party solutions for deleting users, 
managing quotas, and so on. The usual thing is to use a command line tool.

(5) You can use your regular file system backup tools to back up Cyrus-IMAP 
mailboxes. Emails are stored in separate files, so incremental backups are 
very efficient. It's possible to use delayed expunge to ensure that all 
emails are backed up, even if they arrive and are deleted between 
incremental backups.

> Regards,
> P. Prasanna

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