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Not my confusion, I think Cyrus IMAP got confused. I'm using version 2.3.11 (x86_64).

I am using Cyrus in virtual domains mode.  Recently I was testing my web admin. program and added a user at a virtual domain I was hosting. Let's call it and the user root at Once I finished testing I could not delete the user, or rename it and so on.

After playing around I found that I had to remove a global admin called root. restart Cyrus, and then I could delete the user with a different global admin.

So, what it looks like is that Cyrus is confusing a virtual name with a global admin name. Now, if I had an admin called root at then it would all make sense but my only admin called root was global.

So, the problem is solved and I have since made it impossible for users to create top level mailboxes (I still let them for child mailboxes on the assumption this will be fine) with the names of any global admins. but I thought you might like to know this in case it's not by design.

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