Bug? xfermailbox seems to be broken but using rename to xfer a mailbox works just fine.

Wesley Craig wes at umich.edu
Thu Apr 30 11:37:05 EDT 2009

On 30 Apr 2009, at 11:05, Brian Awood wrote:
> It looks like error was logged from your frontend host m2v1t, so I
> would guess that the xfer command was issued to it, which isn't
> correct.  You have to connect to the backend where the mailbox is
> stored and give the xfer command there.  But the fact that your
> frontend database gets corrupted like and that you didn't get a
> better error (like "mailbox not local"), definitely seems like a bug.
> What is you mupdate_config set to on your frontend?

There's no test in cmd_xfer for MBTYPE_REMOTE (unlike cmd_rename).   
That's either a bug in that it ought to notice and report an error,  
or it ought to notice and proxy the xfer to the hosting backend.  I  
think the trend is for the latter solution, tho the former solution  
is a fine stop-gap.


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