Bug? xfermailbox seems to be broken but using rename to xfer a mailbox works just fine.

Brian Awood bawood at umich.edu
Thu Apr 30 11:05:14 EDT 2009

On Thursday 30 April 2009 @ 03:55, Janne Peltonen wrote:
> Hi!
> Am I doing something wrong? If I try to do an xfer from one backend
> to another on a user, like so,
>   xfer user.atest001r m2v3t.mappi.helsinki.fi
> I get
> Apr 30 10:24:45 m2cn1t m2v1t/imap[3793]: could not dump mailbox in
> m2v2t.mappi.helsinki.fi (unknown error) Apr 30 10:24:45 m2cn1t
> m2v1t/imap[3793]: Could not move mailbox: user.atest001r,
> dump_mailbox() failed
> in my murder frontend log, the command (in cyradm) never returns,
> and the mailbox list on the frontend ends gets corrupted, like
> this:
> user.atest001r  1 m2v1t.mappi.helsinki.fi!m2v2t.mappi.helsinki.fi
> atest001r     lrswipkxtecda   anyone  p
> (m2v1t.mappi.helsinki.fi is the murder frontend, the murder
> backends are m2v2t.mappi.helsinki.fi and m2v3t.mappi.helsinki.fi,
> and m2v2t was the original backend on atest001r).

It looks like error was logged from your frontend host m2v1t, so I 
would guess that the xfer command was issued to it, which isn't 
correct.  You have to connect to the backend where the mailbox is 
stored and give the xfer command there.  But the fact that your 
frontend database gets corrupted like and that you didn't get a 
better error (like "mailbox not local"), definitely seems like a bug.  
What is you mupdate_config set to on your frontend?  


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