initial slowness

Iv Ray pobox at
Wed Apr 22 03:39:29 EDT 2009

On 25.02.2009, at 01:15, Iv Ray wrote:

> On 25.02.2009, at 00:28, Raymond T. Sundland wrote:
>> The other option I ran into some time ago... and it had to due to
>> defining multiple authentication schemes in the SASL configuration.
>> When you define multiple, it will try each one in order.  I stripped
>> it down to just PLAIN, which is what I wanted to use, and it was
>> much quicker.  The cyradm script will prompt for the password before
>> actually trying to connect, which is why it's slow AFTER the
>> password is entered.
> Raymond,
> Thanks a lot for the hints.
> I'll try them and write back if success.
> Iv

Hi Raymond,

I recompiled Cyrus SASL leaving only PLAIN, but the slowness continues.

I guess I should ask at the Cyrus SASL list...

Thanks anyway,

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