imp webmail, cyrus imap and virus filtering

Andreas Moroder andreas.moroder at
Tue Apr 21 08:16:22 EDT 2009

 > You mean mail already already in your INBOXes received before you have
 > installed your trendmicros filter, or mail sent internally by your
 > user ?
 > In the last case the simple solution is to ask your user to send email
 > directly to your trendmicro !
 > If this is not possible you can configure your trendmicros as a filter
 > for your postfix !
 > But if you want keep your trendmicro in front for your incoming email,
 > and have postfix in front for your local users, this is an unusual
 > configuration, ask the postfix mailing list for information to do that
 > !
 > Regards
Hello Alain,

I reanalyzed our actual configuration and found that the problem is more 
limited,because when I send a mail via imp webmail then imp passes the 
mail to postfix and the antivirus.

The problem that remains is about drafts. When a user saves a mail as 
draft, then it is not sent but simply stored by cyrus. This way the mail 
is not scanned. The user can use the drafts as a file storage and then 
recall the files from another PC. Is there a solution for this case ?


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