Sieve forwarding loop destroys e-mail

Joseph Brennan brennan at
Sun Mar 30 12:17:28 EDT 2008

--On Sunday, March 30, 2008 2:27 PM +0100 Alain Spineux 
<aspineux at> wrote:

>>  Shouldn't we have a better solution to this problem?  Some people
>>  expect that forwarding e-mail to yourself should work; nobody expects
>>  the messages to vanish without a trace.
> You must enforce this at sieve script creation,

No, it is just totally wrong that an action other than 'discard' will
result in mail silently vanishing.  Maybe this is what does happen, but
it is not what _should_ happen as was asked.  It _should_ either go to
inbox (grounds: ignore a bad rule) or back to sender (grounds: not
deliverable as configured).

Joseph Brennan
Columbia University Information Technology

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