Sieve forwarding loop destroys e-mail

Jo Rhett jrhett at
Sun Mar 30 17:58:35 EDT 2008

Joseph Brennan wrote:
> No, it is just totally wrong that an action other than 'discard' will
> result in mail silently vanishing.  Maybe this is what does happen, but
> it is not what _should_ happen as was asked.  It _should_ either go to
> inbox (grounds: ignore a bad rule)

You are assuming that a bad rule is something a computer program can 
figured out.  I would ask that you spend some time determining how the 
program could determine it is a bad rule, and provide a patch to fix 
this behavior.  (in short -- it's harder than you think)

 > or back to sender (grounds: not deliverable as configured).

Only if you want to become a source for backscatter.

Jo Rhett
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