Bad problems with 2.3.10 on FreeBSD

Per olof Ljungmark peo at
Wed Nov 21 08:38:07 EST 2007

Rich Wales wrote:
> I recently upgraded my system to 2.3.10.  My main Cyrus server runs
> FreeBSD 6.2, replicating to a second server running Ubuntu 7.10.  I
> had decided to upgrade now from 2.3.9 to 2.3.10 because of replication
> "bailing out" errors in 2.3.9 that are reportedly fixed in 2.3.10.
> At first, I was having lots of seg-fault errors, but I added the
> getgrouplist() patch to auth_unix.c on my FreeBSD system, and that
> seemed to take care of the core-dumps.
> However, I started seeing other problems on the FreeBSD box -- such
> as "ctl_cyrusdb -c" checkpoint jobs hanging, and other mail delivery
> attempts hanging (or timing out) and piling up in my Postfix queue.
> I had to restart Cyrus frequently on the FreeBSD system in order to
> clear the logjams.
> I finally gave up and went back to 2.3.9 on both servers.  Given the
> instability of 2.3.10 on my main server, I felt I had no choice.
> Any ideas what might have been happening?  If I can't figure out how
> to get 2.3.10 running stably, I assume I'm going to either have to
> stick with 2.3.9 (and figure out some other way around the replication
> bailout errors until 2.3.11 comes out), or else move my main Cyrus
> operations onto some other platform (maybe another Ubuntu box).

Did you check anything with the FBSD port maintainer? There may be 
patches available that cannot be commited due to the freeze.


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