Help with xfermailbox

Wesley Craig wes at
Mon Nov 19 13:49:30 EST 2007

On 19 Nov 2007, at 12:57, Dan White wrote:
> Regarding the call to kick_mupdate and the attempt to open the file  
> socket, could I be missing an entry in my cyrus.conf file?

When I saw your note included:

> Nov 17 09:25:02 neo cyrus/imap[11281]: decoding error: generic  
> failure; SASL(-1): generic failure: , closing connection


> Nov 17 09:25:02 neo cyrus/imap[11281]: encoded packet size too big  
> (4156 > 4096)

I didn't look too hard at your other errors.  Looking back now, I  
wonder how you have mupdate_config set?  The kick_mupdate error  
you're getting isn't associated with the "standard" setting, tho it  
appears from your description that you are otherwise using a standard  
murder config.  Are you trying to deploy a unified murder?


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