Help with xfermailbox

Dan White dwhite at
Mon Nov 19 16:15:46 EST 2007

Wesley Craig wrote:
> I didn't look too hard at your other errors.  Looking back now, I wonder 
> how you have mupdate_config set?  The kick_mupdate error you're getting 
> isn't associated with the "standard" setting, tho it appears from your 
> description that you are otherwise using a standard murder config.  Are 
> you trying to deploy a unified murder?

I'm trying to do a standard murder, but could be going about 
things the wrong way.

Here are the mupdate lines from each of my configs:

kaled (mupdate master and frontend):
none, other than an mupdate_admins entry

gandalf (backend one):
mupdate_config: standard

neo (backend two):
mupdate_config: standard

I also have replication configured on neo (but not currently used).

Is xfermailbox valid in a standard murder? Should I be using 
renamemailbox from a frontend?

- Dan

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