Help with xfermailbox

Dan White dwhite at
Mon Nov 19 12:57:52 EST 2007

Dan White wrote:
> Dan White wrote:
>> Wesley Craig wrote:
>>> If I recall correctly, this is a bad interaction/bug between Cyrus IMAPd 
>>> and Cyrus SASL.  I see you're running IMAP 2.3.10.  What version of SASL?
>> 2.1.22 from Debian etch with a couple of customizations to 
>> ldapdb, which itself it compiled against openldap 2.3.30.
>> I've also compiled by sasl against heimdal libraries rather than 
>> the (debian) default mit.
> I just recompiled sasl on both backends to use mit libraries, for 
> gssapi. No luck. Same two errors (syslog and auth).
> - Dan

Regarding the call to kick_mupdate and the attempt to open the 
file socket, could I be missing an entry in my cyrus.conf file?

- Dan

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