Collaboration replacement via Toltec/Bynari (was How many people to admin a Cyrus system?)

Joon Radley joon at
Wed Nov 14 07:39:12 EST 2007

Hi Rob,

> In Toltec, it almost works the same way, every other folder does
> exactly this, except you can't see the INBOX. I just don't understand 
> why the INBOX has to be special if the standard Outlook IMAP integration 
> works without it being?

Outlook processes new messages to support their own calendar, task, voting
and custom request. You will lose all this Outlook functionality if you
imported the messages directly from the IMAP4 folder and did not use the
transport mechanism.

There are ways of doing this ourselves, but it is a very risky business as
everything is undocumented and can change with almost every version and
service pack.

> Does it poll/monitor folders regularly to see if there's been any
> updates from another client on the server, or does it only do it 
> when you start Outlook

Number of options are available: On Outlook start-up, on folder selection,
automatic download based on set intervals and manually.

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