Collaboration replacement via Toltec/Bynari (was How many people to admin a Cyrus system?)

Rob Mueller robm at
Wed Nov 14 06:50:42 EST 2007

> Not a bug, but a feature :) Outlook makes a clear distinction between
> storage and transport. In IMAP this gets a bit blurred as the INBOX is 
> also
> the mechanism for receiving new mail. Using the POP3 moves the mail from 
> the
> IMAP4 INBOX to the Outlook Inbox. This is handled by both Kontact and 
> Horde.

I admit I still don't get this at all, but that's because I admit I don't 
understand Outlook well. From a users perspective though, here is what I 

In Outlook by itself you can setup an IMAP server as a pure email store, and 
everything works just fine. You see the IMAP INBOX and all the IMAP folders 
and they work in the way you expect IMAP to, the server is authoriative and 
the client shows a cached view of the server.

In Toltec, it almost works the same way, every other folder does exactly 
this, except you can't see the INBOX. I just don't understand why the INBOX 
has to be special if the standard Outlook IMAP integration works without it 

It's really very, very annoying feature, because it destroys much of the 
point of IMAP, which is that EVERYTHING is on the server, the client only 
presents a view of what's there. Downloading emails to your local client 
destroys the safety that IMAP buys you.

> But once the initial synchronization is done, it just updates that are 
> done.
> There is no real model for skipping the initial synchronization.

I thought that's probably the case.

Does it poll/monitor folders regularly to see if there's been any updates 
from another client on the server, or does it only do it when you start 


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