Collaboration replacement via Toltec/Bynari (was How many people to admin a Cyrus system?)

Joon Radley joon at
Wed Nov 14 06:26:22 EST 2007

Hi Rob,

> What are the 3 commercial Outlook plugins? Obviously the Toltec one,
> but which others?

Toltec, Konsec and Bynari(Kolab support in beta AFIAK)

> There was a showstopper problem however. When I tested it seemed that 
> Toltec would display all sub- folders of INBOX, and using annotations 
> it would set the Calendar, Contacts, etc folders as appropriate to display

> those items, and all other folders to  display emails, but it would not 
> show the INBOX! At the time I asked support about this it was suggested 
> that you should setup a POP account to download the emails from the inbox 
> to the "Local Folders" PST file. This seemed to
> completely defeat the purpose of IMAP to me. Has that been fixed?

Not a bug, but a feature :) Outlook makes a clear distinction between
storage and transport. In IMAP this gets a bit blurred as the INBOX is also
the mechanism for receiving new mail. Using the POP3 moves the mail from the
IMAP4 INBOX to the Outlook Inbox. This is handled by both Kontact and Horde.

> Also out of interest, how much caching does toltec do? Basically it
> seems to me to get any decent performance you effectively have to 
> download all the calendar/task/etc items from the appropriate folders 
> and cache them all inside outlook. Any attempt to get from the server 
> on a "when needed" basis seems like it would never perform well?

But once the initial synchronization is done, it just updates that are done.
There is no real model for skipping the initial synchronization.

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