OT: Re: How many people to admin a Cyrus system?

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at uni-koeln.de
Tue Nov 13 10:27:54 EST 2007

--On 13. November 2007 09:10:08 -0500 Joseph Brennan <brennan at columbia.edu> 

> Ian G Batten <ian.batten at uk.fujitsu.com> wrote:
>> However, people don't want calendaring, they want Outlook.
> This describes exactly the point of view of administrative staff.

Fortunately that's not true of everyone.

> They
> live in Microsoft Office, and they need a server to support it.  That is
> the assignment given.

If they don't yet have Exchange there's still hope ;-)

> I was looking at Open-Xchange on the web <http://www.open-xchange.com/>.
> The server provides webmail and MAPI interfaces.  The "Hosting Edition"
> (and maybe the others, it is not clear) can talk to Cyrus and includes
> ACL support.
> (We're still running both Exchange for admin staff and Cyrus for the
> much larger university community of faculty and students.)

OK, to wean them off Exchange is probably impossible, but for new users 
Open-Xchange is (one) possibility. It so happens that they (OX) were here 
today because we (Cologne University) are considering the "Hosting 
Edition". The beauty of it is that it works as a pretty seamless add-on to 
our existing Cyrus infrastructure. We are now waiting for an offer.
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