Calendars && Cyrus

Adam Tauno Williams adam at
Tue Nov 13 06:54:50 EST 2007

> > If we could ever get a decent calendar system that works together with
> > Cyrus or other software many people would be happy.

We use OpenGroupware -

Server is entirely Open Source;  Outlook plugin (MAPI provider) is

Works very well with Cyrus; which is its intended IMAP server.

> We run Cyrus for mail, Oracle Collaboration Suite ($$, but not  
> Exchange-$$) for calendaring.  The Outlook plugin that allows Outlook  
> to believe it has a genuine Exchange instance under it plays nice  
> with Cyrus (its target is Oracle's IMAP server that's bundled with  
> OCS).    The OCS plugin for Exchange is smart enough to use CRAM-MD5  
> (or is it DIGEST-MD5) authentication if available, and TLS if available.

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