Tyler Spires cyrus-admin at
Sat Nov 10 22:10:00 EST 2007

Vacation does work with duplicatesuppression disabled, I have duplicate 
suppression disabled on my server, and I recently (Friday) setup a 
vacation responder for one of my users.

Hope this helps.

Side note: I disabled duplicate suppression when I initially setup my 
cyrus mail server because I had to copy mail from the old server a 
couple of times, and cyrus would 'suppress' the second copies, I just 
haven't gotten around to testing and turning it back on.


Simon Matter wrote:
> I'm not sure vacation works with duplicatesuppression disabled because it
> want's to trck which person it already has sent a vacation message. And
> when you test make sure you understand that Cyrus will send a vacation
> message to a recipient only once in a period of time. That usually
> confuses peoples testing vacation.
> Simon

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