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This does bring up an important point... we had to disable duplicate
suppression on our server because it was just causing too much contention.
When every single mail message being delivered has to check against the
database, it is a problem... especially in a cluster where multiple
servers are running in ACTIVE mode (there *are* disadvantages to the
whole cluster idea as well, even though I love running that way!).

It most certainly broke vacation support, and I had to hack the code so
that we could actually run with duplicate suppression disabled but still
allow vacation messages to dip into the database normally...

Why can't vacation messages, or better yet, sieve in general (since there
might be a use for something mroe than vacation messages down the road?),
get its own database and not tie it in so much to duplicate suppression?


--On Saturday, November 10, 2007 10:10 PM -0500 Tyler Spires <cyrus-admin at> wrote:

> Vacation does work with duplicatesuppression disabled, I have duplicate
> suppression disabled on my server, and I recently (Friday) setup a
> vacation responder for one of my users.
> Hope this helps.
> Side note: I disabled duplicate suppression when I initially setup my
> cyrus mail server because I had to copy mail from the old server a
> couple of times, and cyrus would 'suppress' the second copies, I just
> haven't gotten around to testing and turning it back on.
> -Tyler
> Simon Matter wrote:
>> I'm not sure vacation works with duplicatesuppression disabled because it
>> want's to trck which person it already has sent a vacation message. And
>> when you test make sure you understand that Cyrus will send a vacation
>> message to a recipient only once in a period of time. That usually
>> confuses peoples testing vacation.
>> Simon
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