Replication: sync_client -r dies

Kenneth Marshall ktm at
Mon Nov 5 08:23:00 EST 2007

On Sun, Nov 04, 2007 at 08:42:21PM -0800, Rich Wales wrote:
> Wesley Craig wrote:
> > But most sync_server errors that will cause sync_client to bail out
> > ought to cause sync_server to give a reasonably unique log message
> > for the failure.
> As I explained earlier this evening, I didn't see ANYTHING AT ALL in
> the replica server's logs that resembled any sort of error indication
> at the times when sync_client bailed out.
> Is it possible that something I should be seeing is being filtered out
> by syslog.conf?  What syslog facility name is used by sync_server?
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Rich and Wesley,

We are seeing similar behavior here where everything looks fine but
we are not replicating messages in folders and the process bails out
with no errors. Just another data point. Any help would be appreciated.

Ken Marshall
Mgr./Middleware, Infrastructure & Development
ktm at / 713-348-5294

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