Quota with Cyrus !!!

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Fri May 11 05:00:46 EDT 2007

Hi Donatien,

> I have a problem to define and to use the "quota" on my Cyrus Server.
> I have install this : cyrus-admin-2.2, cyrus-clients-2.2, cyrus- 
> common-2.2 and cyrus-imapd-2.2 all of this package works
> on Debian etch server, and my mail server work fine with Cyrus  
> IMAP, Postfix, Sasl, SSL / TLS, PAM modules and Winbind with  
> authentication
> trow Windows Active Directory!!!
> But when i try to define quota, my user are over quota, but he can  
> send mail and receive them ??
> What is the problem with my server ????
> Also i can't use "quota -f or quota user.username" when i logge on  
> "cyrus" user to my server ????
May that be the quota tool of your OS and not of cyrus - some systems  
provide their own tools for quota which set a disk quota. Cyrus  
quotas are seperated of system quotas.

> But i can "setquota user.username or listquotaroot user.username "
What is lqr <mailbox in which mails are received> in cyradm show?

Baltasar Cevc

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_____ infanteriestraße 19 haus 6 eg
_____ D-80797 muenchen

_____ http://www.former03.de

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