Quota with Cyrus !!!

Donatien Vrielynck donatien.vrielynck at telecom-lille1.eu
Fri May 11 10:01:42 EDT 2007

FORMER 03 | Baltasar Cevc a écrit :
> Hi Donatien,
>> I have a problem to define and to use the "quota" on my Cyrus Server.
>> I have install this : cyrus-admin-2.2, cyrus-clients-2.2, 
>> cyrus-common-2.2 and cyrus-imapd-2.2 all of this package works
>> on Debian etch server, and my mail server work fine with Cyrus IMAP, 
>> Postfix, Sasl, SSL / TLS, PAM modules and Winbind with authentication
>> trow Windows Active Directory!!!
>> But when i try to define quota, my user are over quota, but he can 
>> send mail and receive them ??
>> What is the problem with my server ????
>> Also i can't use "quota -f or quota user.username" when i logge on 
>> "cyrus" user to my server ????
> May that be the quota tool of your OS and not of cyrus - some systems 
> provide their own tools for quota which set a disk quota. Cyrus quotas 
> are seperated of system quotas.
>> But i can "setquota user.username or listquotaroot user.username "
> What is lqr <mailbox in which mails are received> in cyradm show?
> -- 
> Baltasar Cevc
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> _____ infanteriestraße 19 haus 6 eg
> _____ D-80797 muenchen
> _____ http://www.former03.de
Hello Mr.Baltasar and thanks for your help,

What i try to manage is only the "Mail Quota" on the mailbox users, and 
not the OS quota users ... may be it's important to manage both ???
Actually i interesting only "Mail Quota"

My overquota user is "user.testfi07", and here this is the result of lqr 
command on cyradm logon :

localhost> lqr user.testfi07
*user.testfi07 STORAGE 11307/4096 (276.0498046875%)*

Here you will find the list of my “user.mailbox”.

localhost> lm
user.palelv01 (\HasChildren)
user.palelv01.Drafts (\HasNoChildren)
user.palelv01.Sent (\HasNoChildren)
user.palelv01.Trash (\HasNoChildren)
user.palelv02 (\HasChildren)
user.palelv02.Drafts (\HasNoChildren)
user.palelv02.Sent (\HasNoChildren)
user.palelv02.Trash (\HasNoChildren)
*user.testfi07 (\HasChildren)
user.testfi07.Sent (\HasNoChildren)
user.testfi07.Trash (\HasNoChildren)
user.testfi07.nouveau-dossier (\HasNoChildren)*
user.testfp07 (\HasChildren)
user.testfp07.Sent (\HasNoChildren)
user.testfp07.Trash (\HasNoChildren)

Obviously, and will be appropriate to you about it, the “user.testfi07” 
is well overquota more
276%… and although it cannot write a copy of the message sent in its 
repertory “sent folder”, which is normal….
he can in spite of sent the message to others users and to receive some…
what is not the normal behavior of a mail server which manages the 
quotas ???

Here you will find the part of my /etc/imapd.conf , Quota section !!!

# Quota
# If nonzero, normal users may create their own IMAP accounts by creating
# the mailbox INBOX. The user's quota is set to the value if it is positive,
# otherwise the user has unlimited quota.
autocreatequota: 4096 /*(This poor value is for testing quota !!!)
# Quota warning % usage BAL
quotawarn: 85

# If enabled, uses an improved directory hashing scheme which hashes the 
# username instead of using just the first letter. This changes hash 
# used for quota and user directories and if hashimapspool is enabled, 
the entire mail spool.
#fulldirhash: 0

# If enabled, lmtpd retrurns a permanent failure code when a users 
mailbox is over quota.
# By default, the failure is temporary, causing the MTA to queue the 
message and retry later.
lmtp_over_quota_perm_failure: true

# The cyrusdb backend to use for quotas.
quota_db: quotalegacy

# The maximum amount of free space (in kB) in which to give a quota warning
# (if this value is 0, or if the quota is smaller than this amount, than 
warnings are always given).
# quotawarnkb: 0 */(Here i dont understand the difference beetwen 
"quotawarn" & "quotawarnkb" ???)

/*Tanks again for your help.
Please to read you again.


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