Moving from redhat 7.2 cyrus 2.0.9 to Centos 5 cyrus 2.2

Richmond Dyes rdyes at
Tue Jun 19 15:26:03 EDT 2007

I am looking at moving my postfix-cyrus server running on redhat 7.2 
with cyrus 2.0.9, cyrus-sasl- and postfix 2.2.3-2.

I am about to migrate to a new server. I will be running Centos 5 which 
uses cyrus 2.3.7-1, cyrus-sasl-2.1.22-4 and postfix 2.3.3-2.  The 
postfix, cyrus-sasl issue is easy.  But I was wondering how to move my 
mail stores from the old server to the new server.  I had several 
different ideas for this. 

Right now my mail is spread across 4 partitions. I want to move the mail 
into one partition. This is the process I thought I could follow.

Since I only have 110 users, I could use a script to recreate my 
mailboxes on the new server. 
I would copy my saslpasswd file, rebuild it into a saslpasswd2 file and 
make cyrus the owner.
I then would copy the cyrus.cache, cyrus.header, cyrus.index and the 
mail files into the appropriate mailboxes and then run reconstruct. 
Is this a sound idea?  If not, what other suggestions are out there.

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