Control over account expiry within cyrus

D G Teed donald.teed at
Tue Jun 19 07:36:38 EDT 2007

I see discussions of expiring messages, and expiring
on the authentication system but nothing regarding
expiring the mailbox access from POP/IMAP within
cyrus itself.

We have a couple of authentication systems and use pam
to allow either.  One is LDAP from our student registration
system, and it allows students to start using email here
as soon as they are accepted.  However that database
and LDAP account never expire - students have rights
to login to the student portal to get marks, register, etc.

We are not setting up local Unix accounts.  The big advantage
of cyrus is to not have to do that.

Unless there is a better way, I can only see managing student
access to their email by deleting mail accounts in cyrus
after a certain expiry date has passed.

In our previous cyrus system there was local authentication, and so
use of Solaris account expiry permitted us to expire without
deleting, which allows for quick recovery in case there
was a mistake in the data of what accounts to delete.

Are there any suggestions from what others have done
to manage account expiry?


--Donald Teed
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