2 functional questions

Brian Dial bdial at rkk.com
Wed Jun 20 11:37:42 EDT 2007

i have 2 burning questions i've been unable to find exact
answers/solutions for i was hoping someone had experience with

we're in the progress of migrating to cyrus imap, and look to use the
shared folder structure a lot for projects we work on.  So we're
building like

Shared Folders
  |_ Projects
            |_ Project1
            |_ Project2

we have restricted it so that nobody can create something at the Project
level except admins using a script that makes it and assigns necessary
acls.  However, we have given employees pretty much full reign in the
project folder to put e-mails in, create folders.  However, I havn't
been able to find the acl combo that would allow them to still put files
in, create subfolders, but NOT delete the project folder.  We've had a
few times already where people have either moved or deleted teh whole
project folder by accident.  I've tried even playing with sticky bits on
the filesystem but can't seem to do it.

The other question is regarding subscriptions.  Is there any way to make
subscriptions inherited?  The problem we're having is if user A creates
a subdirectory in Project1, user B who is subscribed to project1 does
not see that subdirectory unless they also subscribe to it. 

We were going with the nice outlook feature that allows you to show all
folders even ones you've not subscribed to, but with a few hundred
active projects people are complaining that it's too crowded and it has
significantly slowed down our web client.

If anyone has any experience with these sorts of issues and has
suggestions i'd appreciate it!


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